Here's your Something.

It’s time to abandon the “all or nothing” attitude and adopt the “all or something!

Many of us, especially women, gravitate toward the all or nothing mindset.  We tend to be perfectionists and think that anything we touch should be done perfectly.  That’s why when we think about getting in shape or going on a diet, we prepare our hearts and minds to dive in head first and immerse ourselves into rules, routines, do’s, and don’ts - the “All”.  That kind of intensity is doable, but only for a short time.  It eventually becomes an overwhelming task that leads to discouragement and ultimately failure - the “Nothing”.  Try a different approach in life coaching and do something.  You'll gain new perspectives, get to know yourself better, and see yourself on a journey rather than on a diet.

Not necessarily needing to lose weight, but you'd like to feel better? Maybe you'd like to curb your daily stress, or even prioritize your life's choices.  I can work with you on these issues as well because it's all related!  We're whole beings - so improved physical health contributes to improved mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Check out the benefits and sign up for a free consultation.


  • Shift your focus from desperate dieting to living healthy and feeling better

  • Gain a healthy respect for food and its healing or damaging power

  • Gain useful tools & knowledge to start living a healthy lifestyle

  • Set attainable goals

  • Accountability for those goals

  • Yogic Centering before each session.

  • Discounts for Higher Power Yoga classes


All or Something
3 months
7 sessions

Something More
5 months
11 sessions

I Want It All!
9 months
19 sessions + 2 private yoga classes





...met my individual needs.

“Michelle is a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable life coach who customized a coaching plan to meet my individual needs.  The information she provided regarding nutrtion enabled me to incorporate basic food choice changes, allowing me and my family to begin eating healthier.  Her open-minded approach allowed her to focus not only on my physical needs, but also my emotional and psychological growth.  Michelle's philosophy of weight loss as a 'journey' encouraged me to stay positive and be accepting of the ups and downs that occur.  I could not have attained the success that I have had on my journey without her dedication.”

— D.L. to work with.

“Since working with Michelle, my focus has shifted from being depressed about my weight and the tendency to hyperfocus on what I can and cannot eat; to a sense of peace, hope, and self acceptance about where I'm at and where I'm headed - a healthier me simply by making gradual and simple lifestyle changes. Michelle's wealth of knowledge comes also with warmth and encouragement. She is a joy to work with.”

— K.K.

.....has changed my life...less stressed

“When I started this journey, I had very little knowledge about Life Coaching. I attended a seminar that Michelle was teaching and determined that day that I wanted to explore additional coaching with her. She provides a combination of listening, coaching and/or mentoring discussions during each session. Her style has helped me quickly navigate through things that have impacted my confidence for years.  Learning actionable skills i.e. breathing, relaxation, re-direction and pathing of thoughts. I’m now much better at turning a negative thought into a more positive self-caring one.  I feel our work together has changed my life so that I’m less stressed and driven by anxiety; now feeling much more peace and calmness.”

— D.L.L.