Wellness Workshops

Michelle offers stand-alone workshops on various topics such as Ditch the Diets, Stress & The Whole You, and What Yoga Can Do For You. The workshops are fun, interactive, and everyone leaves with practical ways to apply helpful concepts to their every day lives.  Each workshop is designed to help each participant move forward in making meaningful changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Next Workshop:

What Yoga Can Do For You!

Saturday, April 27th 10:45am-1:15pm

Here are the take-aways:

  • Gain awareness of the many proven benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

  • Discover how the power of simple breathing techniques can relieve stress, improve digestion, and increase feelings of well-being.

  • Practice simple, helpful yoga poses, and

  • Discover how yoga can be available to everyone.

  • Practice meditation techniques (non-religious)

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Each workshop is at least 2.5 hours in length.  Beverages and snacks are provided.

Held at the Higher Power Health & Yoga studio - 627 Market St. Osage City, KS





"My life changed for the better..."

I got so much out of the stress workshop that I still use on a daily basis. I find times throughout my day to slow down my thinking so that I don't become overwhelmed. I meditate when I get more than a few seconds and it helps me tremendously to keep my stress and anxiety at bay. Without taking the workshop Michelle offered I would still be bottling up the stress and taking it home with me when I leave work. Besides learning coping skills for stress at the workshop, I got a chance to meet a few new people from around the community that I can relate to better and speak to when I see them. I highly recommend a workshop and the yoga classes!  My life is changed for the better and I am now a proud yogi for life!




"...refreshing words and knowledge...."

Michelle presented a very warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  Her refreshing words and knowledge turned around my way of thinking - especially related to food, exercise, & achievements.  Michelle's aura is sunshine & sparkles! She’s caring, fun, sincere, encouraging, and supportive!


"I look forward to attending another class..."

This was my first experience with attending a class of this type. I really did enjoy it and try now to practice the great tips and advice that Michelle gave - Breathing, relaxing, and letting go of life issues that I have no control over. I look forward to attending another class when offered.